Process Capability Analysis with R

  • Emilio L. Cano
  • Javier M. Moguerza
  • Andrés Redchuk
Part of the Use R! book series (USE R, volume 36)


Capability analysis is a very important part of the Measure phase in a Six Sigma project. It is also part of classical statistical process control. Through capability analysis we can measure how the process performance fits the customer/client requirements. These requirements must be translated into the specification limits for the characteristic of interest. Over the years, many advances have been made, especially regarding nonnormality, nonlinearity, processes with multiple characteristics, and many others. In this chapter, we will gradually go over the specifications, process performance, their relationship, and the capability indices. We will illustrate the concepts through a practical example.


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  • Emilio L. Cano
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  • Javier M. Moguerza
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  • Andrés Redchuk
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