Astrostatistics and Data Mining

Volume 2 of the series Springer Series in Astrostatistics pp 107-115


Data Management at Gaia Data Processing Centers

  • Pilar de TeodoroAffiliated withSerco, ESAC-ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, DPCE Email author 
  • , Alexander HuttonAffiliated withAurora, ESAC-ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, DPCE
  • , Benoit FrezoulsAffiliated withCNES, DPCC
  • , Alain MontmoryAffiliated withThales/CNES, DPCC
  • , Jordi PortellAffiliated withUniversity of Barcelona (DAM-ICCUB-IEEC), DPCB
  • , Rosario MessineoAffiliated withALTEC S.p.a, DPCT
  • , Marco RielloAffiliated withInstitute of Astronomy, DPCI
  • , Krzysztof NienartowiczAffiliated withISDC, Observatory of Geneva, DPCG

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Gaia is a European Space Agency mission that will deal with large volumes of data that have to be processed at, and transferred between, different data processing centers (DPCs) in Europe. Managing the data and the associated databases will be a significant challenge. This paper presents the different data management configurations that have been evaluated at the Gaia DPCs in order to cope with the requirements of Gaia’s complex data handling.