Arthroscopic Excision of Dorsal Ganglions

  • Meredith N. Osterman
  • Joshua M. Abzug
  • A. Lee OstermanEmail author


Ganglion cysts about the wrist are a common pathology that presents to hand surgeons. The majority is dorsal, originating from the scapholunate ligament, but volar and occult ganglions are also common and symptomatic. Treatment options for these masses include observation, aspiration, or surgical excision. Historically, open surgical excision has been the gold standard of treatment; however, arthroscopic excision is becoming more favorable due to its minimally invasive nature and decreased postoperative recurrence rates. Concerns regarding limited visualization and volar ganglion excision exist; however, newer surgical techniques and data continue to support the arthroscopic technique. This chapter contains a video.


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