Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

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The application of fine needle aspiration ­cytology to the management of thyroid disorders has an interesting practical history. The first clinical uses of aspiration cytology evolved from Scandinavia in the 1950s [1]. Martin and Ellis utilized this technique in 1930 to diagnose a variety of masses at Memorial Hospital in New York [2]. Stewart then reported 2,500 tumors in 1933 [3]. Subsequently, other European publications began to emphasize the utility of this method to more accurately characterize thyroid nodules [4–7]. How did the interest in cytology polarize to Scandinavia in those early years? At that time, pathologists in the United States were reluctant to accept this technique due to various reasons.


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Supplementary material

20-Fine needle aspiration of solid component of complex nodu (8,982 KB)

88-FNA of mass, long axis approach (3,382 KB)

89-FNA short axis technique (1,115 KB)

90-Cyst with solid projection. FNA in short axis can targe(1,108 KB)

91-Cyst with mural component. FNA utilizing short axis app (1,084 KB)

92-Recurrent Hurthle cell carcinoma of thyroid bed. Note pr (56,865 KB)

189637_1_En_9_MOESM7_ESM.jpg (109 kb)

93-Thyroid lymphoma, transverse view (53 KB)

189637_1_En_9_MOESM8_ESM.jpg (141 kb)

94-thyroid lymphoma, sagittal view (68 KB)

189637_1_En_9_MOESM9_ESM.jpg (154 kb)

95-Measurements in advance of core biopsy. Note 2.44 cm of (73 KB)

96-Core biopsy after previous measurements. Note needle en (48,153 KB)


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