Parathyroid Ultrasound

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Before delving into a comprehensive discussion of parathyroid ultrasound, the embryology, anatomy, and particularly vascular supply of the parathyroid glands are relevant and important to review. This information will permit the sonographer/clinician to differentiate lymphadenopathy and thyroid pathology from true parathyroid lesions. As with any imaging study, the history and laboratory data will influence the expectations of the pathobiology and often whether one or more glands are enlarged. As an example, patients with renal failure or those with MEN syndromes are likely to demonstrate multiple-gland enlargement. The patient with extreme elevation in calcium and parathyroid hormone levels may be suspect for parathyroid carcinoma. The importance of linking clinical information to the concepts of parathyroid ultrasound cannot be overemphasized.


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Supplementary material

47-Inferior parathyroid adenoma, transverse view (3,381 KB)

48-Paraathyroid adenoma, inferrior, trans and sagittal views (3,114 KB)

49-Superior parathyroid adenoma, sagittal image (78,524 KB)

50-Superior parathyroid adenoma, transverse image (2) (51,460 KB)

51-Superior parathyroid adenoma, sagittal image (2) (51,905 KB)

52-Small parathyroid adenoma, transverse image, Color Dopple (21,109 KB)

53-Small parathyroid adenoma, sagittal image, Color Doppler (21,399 KB)

54-Small inferior parathyroid adenoma with appropriate penet (30,691 KB)

55-Small inferior parathyroid adenoma with parathyroid arter (30,213 KB)

56-Parathyroid adeoma thymus, transverse image, Color Dopple (1,261 KB)

57-Excellent demonstration of blunt ending of parathyroid ar (1,631 KB)

58-Parathyroid adenoma, Color Doppler, demonstrating single (14,292 KB)

59-Parathyroid adenoma, sagittal image, Color Doppler, demon (19,200 KB)

60-Large parathyroid adenoma with demonstration of dominant (2,256 KB)

61-Cystic intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma, composite tran (2,037 KB)

62-Parathyroid hyperplasia in MEN I demonstrating 2 enlarged (73,959 KB)

63-Intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma, sagittal image. Supe (57,644 KB)

64-Intrathyroidal parathyroid adenoma, Color Doppler, demons (21,477 KB)

65-Ectopic parathyroid adenoma lateral neck, cine doppler (21,534 KB)


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