Summary of Bong-Han Kim’s Publications

  • Jungdae Kim
  • Jonghyun Jung
  • Michael Potroz
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We present a summary of the Bong-Han Kim’s publications. His five articles were published in Korean in the Journal of Jo Sun Medicine from 1962 to 1965. The subjects of articles are about the studies on the reality of acupuncture meridian, the Kyungrak system, and the Sanal theory. Only the concluding parts of the articles were translated in English.

There were five articles published in the name of Bong-Han Kim. They were not research articles in a proper form but a kind of report of the Institute of Acupuncture Meridians which was a national research institute of the North Korean government, and of which Kim was the Director. Therefore, they had no “Materials and Method” sections and only described results. No “Analysis” or “Discussion” sections were given. These reports were all written in Korean but the second article was translated into English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, and was distributed to major libraries throughout the world. We have translated the “Conclusion” section of each article and present them here.


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