Management of the Post-lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Retracted Eyelid

  • Dan GeorgescuEmail author
  • Geeta Belsare
  • John D. McCann
  • Richard L. Anderson


Lower eyelid retraction is a feared complication of blepharoplasty surgery with both functional and cosmetic consequences such as exposure keratopathy, irritated eyes, blurry vision, lateral canthal dystopia, round eye, and sclera show. Lower eyelid retraction occurs when the blepharoplasty surgery removes too much tissue from the lower eyelid, the lower eyelid tissue contracts with scarring, or the orbicularis oculi muscle tone becomes weakened by the procedure. In many cases, the patient does not develop exposure symptoms until years after the procedure, when gravity causes the midface to sag and the tear film becomes inadequate. Depending on the pathophysiological mechanism involved, surgical correction may involve horizontal tightening of the lower eyelid, pre- or subperiosteal midface lift, and/or posterior lamellar grafting. For the most severe cases, full thickness skin grafting becomes necessary. The goal of eyelid reconstruction in patients presenting with eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty surgery is to restore the position, the function, and the appearance of the lower eyelid to a level that is at least as good, if not better, than the preblepharoplasty level.


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