Fetotoxicity and Fertile Female Employees

  • Robert M. Clyne
Part of the Industry and Health Care book series (SSIND, volume 8)


Two-fifths of those employed in the United States today are females over the age of 20, and almost 2 million more women are entering the work force every year. Women at work today number 42.8 million, compared with only 18 million in 1950. By 1990 they are expected to number 54 million. The majority of working women are of childbearing age—between 16 and 50. These fertile female employees carry approximately 1 million prenatal infants in American workplaces each year, according to Dr. Hunt of Penn State University. I must emphasize that this discussion is limited to fetotoxic agents; women are considered only because they carry the unborn children who are at risk of exposure. Effects on male reproduction are not covered here for this reason.


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