Biosynthesis of Glycoproteins

  • C. J. Waechter
  • M. G. Scher


Studies on the wide diversity of biological functions performed by soluble and membrane-bound glycoproteins in mammalian tissues have become a major theme in the research of a large number of biochemists and cell biologists, as well as neurochemists. One focal point in these investigations has been the possibility that cell-surface glycoproteins and glycosyltrans- ferases play a role in cell-cell contact relationships (Roseman, 1970). An extensive list of investigations in nervous tissue has been stimulated by the postulated roles of membrane glycoproteins and membrane surface glycosyl- transferases in interneuronal recognition (Barondes, 1970) and the myelina- tion of axon plasma membranes (Brady and Quarles, 1973). A thorough knowledge of the structures, metabolism, and regional and subcellular location of the brain membrane glycoproteins will be prerequisite to understanding their precise neurological functions. Many of these aspects of glycoprotein neurochemistry are covered in detail elsewhere in this volume.


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