Electroweak Effects at High Energies

pp 611-627

Search for Cosmic Ray Monopole Flux Using Superconductive Detectors

  • Blas CabreraAffiliated withPhysics Department, Stanford University

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On February 14, 1982 in our laboratory a prototype superconductive detector designed to search for magnetic monopoles observed a single candidate event. Even though it has not been possible to rule out a spurious cause, the possible existence of superheavy magnetically charged particles passing through the earth’s surface has produced enormous interest within the scientific community. During this last year, we have designed, built and are now operating a new superconductive detector with three larger independent sensing loops used in coincidence. In addition we are planning an order of magnitude yet larger detector utilizing a superconducting sheet which will be periodically scanned with a magnetometer. This paper summarizes our work on these detectors.