A Comparison of Pirlindole and Amitriptyline in a Double-Blind Controlled Study

  • Ernst Renfordt


In a clinical double-blind study, 10 patients (4 men, 6 women) were treated with amitriptyline in doses of 200 mg per day and 11 patients (1 man, 10 women) with pirlindole in doses of 300 mg per day. Endogenous or involutional depressions had been diagnosed in all patients: prerequisite for inclusion was fulfillment of FEIGHNER’s criteria (2). Duration of treatment was 28 days. The AMP system was used to document the psychopathological and somatic findings.


Suicidal Tendency Pronounced Symptom Depressive Factor Psychopathological Result Amitriptyline Group 
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  • Ernst Renfordt
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  1. 1.Psychiatric Clinic and Policlinic of the Free University of BerlinBerlin 19Germany

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