Interferon Therapy in Acute Viral Illnesses

  • Stanley Levin
  • Eugene Leibowitz
Part of the Developments in Medical Virology book series (DIMV, volume 4)


Thirty years have elapsed since the discovery of interferon (IFN) as a naturally occurring biological substance with antiviral activity against a broad spectrum of RNA and DNA viruses, but reports of its use in clinical trials of acute viral infections have been surprisingly meager. There are several reasons for this, the major one being that for the first 20 years after its discovery, stocks were in very short supply, and when available, very expensive.


Human Papilloma Virus Herpes Zoster Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome Genital Herpes Japanese Encephalitis 
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  • Eugene Leibowitz
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  2. 2.Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical SchoolJerusalemIsrael

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