Three-Dimensional Morphology of Striatal Neurons in Relation to Compartmental Organization of the Striatum

  • Jérôme Yelnik
  • Chantal François
  • Gérard Percheron
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 41)


The existence of a compartmentation of the striatum suggests that this neuronal set consists of different subdivisions, namely the striosomes and matrix (Graybiel and Ragsdale, 1978), which could process separately different types of information. Characteristically, this occurs in tight neuronal set-spaces (see Percheron et al. in this volume) which can constitute either closed or open nuclei according to whether the dendrites of their neurons cross or do not cross their cytoarchitectonic boundaries (Mannen, 1960). In the case of striatal compartmentation, the spatial organization of the dendrites of striatal neurons is crucial since it determines whether striosomes and matrix are informationally closed or open compartments.


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  • Jérôme Yelnik
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  • Chantal François
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  • Gérard Percheron
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Neuromorphologie Informationnelle et de Neurologie Expérimentale du Mouvement INSERM U106Hôpital de la SalpêtrièreParis Cedex 13France

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