Integration of Thermoelectric Coolers into a Solid Nitrogen Dewar

  • G. L. Mills
  • T. K. Kelly
  • B. Brown
Part of the A Cryogenic Engineering Conference Publication book series (ACRE, volume 41)


The Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer is a second generation Hubble Space Telescope Instrument. It uses a dewar with solid nitrogen to maintain optics and focal planes at 58 K. The dewar life is extended by a factor of two by using four thermoelectric coolers (TECs) which refrigerate thermal shields. The TECs remove the heat from the shields through cold fingers which use a new high-conductance flexible thermal link technology. The heat from the TECs is rejected by radiators on the outside of the instrument. The design and design tradeoffs of the TECs, cold finger and radiator assembly are discussed. Test data is presented on the thermal performance of the prototype and flight TEC and cold finger assemblies.


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  • G. L. Mills
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  • T. K. Kelly
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  • B. Brown
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  1. 1.Ball Aerospace Systems DivisionBoulderUSA
  2. 2.Marlow IndustriesDallasUSA

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