Experimental Investigation of Exchange Equilibria in the System Cordierite-Garnet-Biotite

  • L. L. Perchuk
  • I. V. Lavrent’eva
Part of the Advances in Physical Geochemistry book series (PHYSICAL GEOCHE, volume 3)


Cordierite-garnet and biotite-garnet pairs are the most effective thermometers for estimating the equilibrium temperatures in metapelites. Both of these ther-mometers are based on the exchange equilibria with relatively large entropy change in the following reactions:
$${\rm{Co}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Fe}}}} + {\rm{G}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Mg}}}} = {\rm{G}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Fe}}}} + {\rm{Co}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Mg,}}}}$$
$${\rm{B}}{{\rm{i}}_{{\rm{Fe}}}} + {\rm{G}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Mg}}}} = {\rm{G}}{{\rm{r}}_{{\rm{Fe}}}} + {\rm{B}}{{\rm{i}}_{{\rm{Mg}}{\rm{.}}}}$$


Exchange Equilibrium Metastable Equilibrium Projective Correspondence Ural Mineral Recrystallization Method 
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  • L. L. Perchuk
  • I. V. Lavrent’eva

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