Upper Respiratory Infections

  • Melvin I. Marks
Part of the Comprehensive Manuals in Pediatrics book series (CM PEDIATRICS)


Respiratory infections are the most common infectious diseases worldwide.23 My own experience is in North America, where most children acquire between seven and nine respiratory infections per year.232 In the United States this results in a total of nearly 500 million episodes and 2 million hospitalizations annually. About 8 million hospital days are utilized for treatment of respiratory infection-related disease and over 2 billion dollars are spent yearly to purchase medications for the specific and symptomatic management of these conditions.215 If you are still not convinced, talk to parents, teachers, or health care providers, or visit the general pediatric clinics or hospital wards during the winter months in temperate climates.


Otitis Medium Acute Otitis Medium Streptococcal Pharyngitis Peritonsillar Abscess Orbital Cellulitis 
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