Stromal Cells in Long-Term Bone Marrow Cultures

  • Peter J. Quesenberry
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 9)


The introduction of systems for the growth of long-term liquid culture of murine marrow cells has provided unique opportunities for the study of the role of accessory stromal cells in regulating hemopoiesis.1–3 A number of in vivo observations (reviewed elsewhere in this volume) including those on the selective anatomical localization of different differentiation pathways after marrow transplant, 4–6 the organ distribution of hemopoiesis under stressed conditions (endotoxin, anemia), 7–8 and the stromal deficit in SL/SLd9–10 mice all provided evidence for the existence of an hematopoietic inductive microenvironment. But these in vivo systems did not lend themselves to studies on the specific stromal cells involved in such regulation. Bessis and colleagues11 have provided intriguing morphologic observations indicating that macrophages may act as “nurse cells” for erythroid cells. Weiss and coworkers12–15 and Chamberlin et al.16 have described the adventitial reticular cell (ARC) of the marrow as an interesting candidate stromal cell. This “ARC” abutts the abluminal side of sinusoidal endothelial cells17, 18 and sends processes throughout the marrow sinusoid touching many different cells and providing an obvious means of “networking” among the marrow cell populations.


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