Future Challenges and Unsolved Problems in Multi-field Visualization

  • Robert S. Laramee
  • Hamish Carr
  • Min Chen
  • Helwig Hauser
  • Lars Linsen
  • Klaus Mueller
  • Vijay Natarajan
  • Harald Obermaier
  • Ronald Peikert
  • Eugene Zhang
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Evaluation, solved and unsolved problems, and future directions are popular themes pervading the visualization community over the last decade. The top unsolved problem in both scientific and information visualization was the subject of an IEEE Visualization Conference panel in 2004. The future of graphics hardware was another important topic of discussion the same year. The subject of how to evaluate visualization returned a few years later. Chris Johnson published a list of 10 top problems in scientific visualization research. This was followed up by report of both past achievements and future challenges in visualization research as well as financial support recommendations to the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institute of Health (NIH). Chen recently published the first list of top unsolved information visualization problems. Future research directions of topology-based visualization was also a major theme of a workshop on topology-based methods. Laramee and Kosara published a list of top future challenges in human-centered visualization.


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  • Hamish Carr
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  • Min Chen
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  • Helwig Hauser
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  • Lars Linsen
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  • Klaus Mueller
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  • Vijay Natarajan
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  • Harald Obermaier
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  • Ronald Peikert
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  • Eugene Zhang
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  6. 6.Department of Computer ScienceStony Brook UniversityStony BrookUSA
  7. 7.Department of Computer Science and AutomationIISBengaluruIndia
  8. 8.Department of Computer ScienceUC DavisDavisUSA
  9. 9.ETH ZurichScientific Visualization GroupZurichSwitzerland
  10. 10.Oregon State UniversityCorvallisUSA

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