Liver Transplantation

  • Mark L. SturdevantEmail author
  • Christopher B. Hughes
  • William D. Payne
  • Chris E. Freise
  • Abhinav Humar


The field of liver transplantation has undergone remarkable advances in the past two decades. An essentially experimental procedure in the early 1980s, a liver transplant is now the treatment of choice for patients with acute and chronic liver failure. Patient survival at 1 year posttransplant has increased from 30 % in the early 1980s to more than 85 % at present. The major reasons for this dramatic increase include refined surgical and preservation techniques, better immunosuppressive protocols, more effective treatment of infections, and improved care during the critical perioperative period. Yet a liver transplant remains a major undertaking, with the potential for complications affecting every major organ system.


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Supplementary material

Video 7.1

Benching the liver from a deceased donor (Humar) (WMV 63301 kb)

Video 7.2

Deceased donor liver transplant: adult recipient (Humar) (WMV 171609 kb)

Video 7.3

In-situ split of the deceased donor liver for adult/pediatric recipients (John Renz, Hasan Yersiz, Ronald Busutill) (MPG 421110 kb)

Video 7.4

In-situ split of the deceased donor liver for two adult recipients (Humar) (WMV 142803 kb)

Video 7.5

Adult to adult living donor liver transplant using the right lobe: donor procedure (Humar/Sturdevant) (WMV 181647 kb)

Video 7.6

Adult to adult living donor liver transplant using the right lobe: recipient procedure (Humar) (WMV 258336 kb)

Video 7.7

Adult to adult living donor liver transplant using the left lobe: recipient procedure (Chris Friese) (WMV 446707 kb)

Video 7.8

Pediatric liver transplant using a left lateral segment graft (George Mazariegos, Kyle Soltys) (WMV 113787 kb)

Video 7.9

(WMV 113787 kb)

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(MOV 85983 kb)

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