We analyze Kinect as a 3D measuring device, experimentally investigate depth measurement resolution and error properties, and make a quantitative comparison of Kinect accuracy with stereo reconstruction from SLR cameras and a 3D-TOF camera. We propose a Kinect geometrical model and its calibration procedure providing an accurate calibration of Kinect 3D measurement and Kinect cameras. We compare our Kinect calibration procedure with its alternatives available on Internet, and integrate it into an SfM pipeline where 3D measurements from a moving Kinect are transformed into a common coordinate system, by computing relative poses from matches in its color camera.


Depth Image Depth Camera Kinect Camera Calibration Board Multiview Stereo 
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This research was supported by TA02011275—ATOM—Automatic Three-dimensional Terrain Monitoring and FP7-SPACE-241523 ProViScout grants.


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