Computer-Assisted Repurposing of Existing Animations

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Despite the recent proliferation of modern 3D computer-generated imagery, the classical 2D hand-drawn style retains an important role in the field of cartoon animation. Although existing 3D modelling and animation tools open a vast pool of new possibilities, they still suffer from lack of expressiveness. This chapter presents a selection of advanced image processing techniques, the aim of which is to build a bridge between hand-drawn 2D animation and fully computer-assisted approaches. Tailored for usage in a real production pipeline, these techniques enable various complex manipulation and enhancement tasks such as colorization, 2D-to-3D conversion, example-based synthesis or rendering similar to 3D computer-generated imagery to be done with minimal user effort.


Attenuation Sorting Metaphor 



This work has been supported by the Marie Curie action ERG, No. PERG07-GA-2010-268216 and partially by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the project TE01010415 (V3C—Visual Computing Competence Center). Hand-drawn images used in this chapter are courtesy of UPP & DMP, Anifilm, Lukáš Vlček, and Ondřej Sýkora.


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