Temporally Coherent Video Stylization

  • Pierre BénardEmail author
  • Joëlle Thollot
  • John Collomosse
Part of the Computational Imaging and Vision book series (CIVI, volume 42)


The transformation of video clips into stylized animations remains an active research topic in Computer Graphics. A key challenge is to reproduce the look of traditional artistic styles whilst minimizing distracting flickering and sliding artifacts; i.e. with temporal coherence. This chapter surveys the spectrum of available video stylization techniques, focusing on algorithms encouraging the temporally coherent placement of rendering marks, and discusses the trade-offs necessary to achieve coherence. We begin with flow-based adaptations of stroke based rendering (SBR) and texture advection capable of painting video. We then chart the development of the field, and its fusion with Computer Vision, to deliver coherent mid-level scene representations. These representations enable the rotoscoping of rendering marks on to temporally coherent video regions, enhancing the diversity and temporal coherence of stylization. In discussing coherence, we formalize the problem of temporal coherence in terms of three defined criteria, and compare and contrast video stylization using these.


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