The Degree and Type of Mitral Regurgitation Present at the Baseline Is Not Always a Good Predictor of the Procedural Technical Needs or of the Final Result

  • Antonio ColomboEmail author
  • Cosmo Godino
  • Eustachio Agricola


This case describes a case of severe functional mitral regurgitation in which there appeared to be two jets, one central and one at the posteromedial commissure. However, with one central clip, the overall MR was markedly reduced with 1+. This case highlights the strategy of using a central clip first in patients with functional MR and reassessing residual MR after that.


Mitral regurgitation Functional mitral regurgitation MitraClip 

Supplementary material

Video 41.1

Final results: TEE intercommissural view (WMV 80937 kb)

Video 41.2

Final results: TEE LVOT view (WMV 80937 kb)

Video 41.3

(WMV 239807 kb)

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  • Cosmo Godino
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  • Eustachio Agricola
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