Chiari Network Complicating a MitraClip Procedure

  • Khung Keong YeoEmail author
  • Paul Toon Lim Chiam
  • Jack Tan
  • Zee Pin Ding


This case describes an attempted MitraClip procedure that was complicated by a large Chiari network in the right atrium. The Chiari network was trapped by the guide and the stiff wire and dragged into the left atrium where it could not be differentiated from a thrombus. The procedure was aborted, and the guide and Chiari network returned to the right atrium.


Mitral regurgitation MitraClip Chiari network Thrombus 

Supplementary material

Video 23.1

Video of the Chiari network attached to the guidewire in the left atrium, freely mobile (AVI 1439 kb)

Video 23.2

3D reconstruction of the guide and dilator across the interatrial septum with the attached Chiari network freely mobile (AVI 1055 kb)

Video 23.3

This video shows the Chiari network returning to the right atrium as the wire is withdrawn back into the right atrium (AVI 6125 kb)

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  2. 2.Department of Cardiovascular MedicineUniversity of California, Davis Medical CenterSacramentoUSA

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