Understanding Cloud Audits

  • Frank DoelitzscherEmail author
  • Christoph Reich
  • Martin Knahl
  • Nathan Clarke
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Audits of IT infrastructures can mitigate security problems and establish trust in a provider’s infrastructure and processes. Cloud environments especially lack trust due to non-transparent architectures and missing security and privacy measures taken by a provider. But traditional audits do not cover cloud computing-specific security. To provide a secure and trustable cloud environment, audit tasks need to have knowledge about their environment and cloud-specific characteristics. Furthermore, they need to be automated whenever possible to be able to run on a regular basis and immediately if a certain infrastructure event takes place, like deployment of a new cloud instance. In this chapter, research about cloud-specific security problems and cloud audits gets presented. An analysis about how traditional audits need to change to address cloud-specific attributes is given. Additionally, the agent-based “Security Audit as a Service” architecture gets presented as a solution to the identified problems.


Audit Cloud Security Security Audit as a Service Trust 



This research is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through the research grant number 01BY1116.


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