Creativity and Rationale

Volume 20 of the series Human–Computer Interaction Series pp 105-119


Achieving Both Creativity and Rationale: Reuse in Design with Images and Claims

  • D. Scott McCrickardAffiliated withCenter for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech Email author 
  • , Shahtab WahidAffiliated withCenter for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech
  • , Stacy M. BranhamAffiliated withCenter for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech
  • , Steve HarrisonAffiliated withCenter for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech

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Although designers seek to create designs that are novel, most are based in some part on previous work. However, formal methods for design rationale reuse are dismissed as too inhibiting to the creative process. In this chapter we argue for the reuse of rationale as a central activity in design, and explore how this can be used as part of the creative process. Specifically, we examine how claims, paired with representative images, can stimulate the creative process while providing a bridge to rationale reuse. We present a design approach in which images and claims are presented together, supporting reuse in design activities like storyboarding. An evaluation revealed the careful interplay between creativity and rationale reuse, illustrating how they can complement each other during the design process. Our work serves to demonstrate that an appropriate design activity can be used to leverage creativity with the use of rationale.


Reuse Creativity Rationale Claims Images