Switched Differential Algebraic Equations

  • Stephan TrennEmail author
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In this chapter, an electrical circuit with switches is modelled as a switched differential algebraic equation (switched DAE), i.e. each mode is described by a DAE of the form Ex′=Ax+Bu where E is, in general, a singular matrix and u is the input. The resulting time-variance follows from the action of the switches present in the circuit, but can also be induced by faults occurring in the circuit. In general, switches or component faults induce jumps in certain state-variables, and it is common to define additional jump-maps based on physical arguments. However, it turns out that the formulation as a switched DAE already implicitly defines these jumps, no additional jump-map must be given. In fact, an easy way to calculate these jumps will be presented in terms of the consistency projectors. It turns out that general switched DAEs can have not only jumps in the solutions but also Dirac impulses and/or their derivatives. In order to capture this impulsive behaviour, the space of piecewise-smooth distributions is used as an underlying solution space. With this underlying solution space it is possible to show existence and uniqueness of solutions of switched DAEs (including the uniqueness of the jumps induced by the switches). With the help of the consistency projector a condition is formulated whether a switch (or fault) can induce jumps or even Dirac impulses in the solutions. Furthermore, stability of the switched DAE is studied; again the consistency projectors play an important role.



This work was supported by the DFG grant Wi1458/10-1. Many thanks to Roman Geiselhart for giving valuable comments on the manuscript of this book chapter.


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