Circumcision, Sexual Function, and Sexual Satisfaction



As physicians, it is not uncommon for us to react and change our practices pertaining to a certain disease or operative processes, based on anecdotal evidence, especially if negative, and worse if there is vocal negative response from a select minority of patients. The issue of sexual function and satisfaction is one of the more controversial and emotional aspects related to circumcision and in the past has not been well studied. Moreover, both these subjects that are very difficult to assess objectively. The work herein, provides a great leap forward and has been monumental toward our understanding of these issues, as thousands of patients were studied and investigated thoroughly. However, the primary population studied may not necessarily extrapolate to populations and conditions within Western cultures. Without a doubt, this issue requires much in-depth, ongoing evaluation in other cultures, as has been done using similar proper reproducible, reliable methodology to those used by these authors.

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