Broader Considerations of Medical and Dental Data Integration

  • Stephen Foreman
  • Joseph Kilsdonk
  • Kelly Boggs
  • Wendy E. Mouradian
  • Suzanne Boulter
  • Paul Casamassimo
  • Valerie J. H. Powell
  • Beth Piraino
  • Wells Shoemaker
  • Jessica Kovarik
  • Evan(Jake) Waxman
  • Biju Cheriyan
  • Henry Hood
  • Allan G. Farman
  • Matthew Holder
  • Miguel Humberto Torres-Urquidy
  • Muhammad F. Walji
  • Amit Acharya
  • Andrea Mahnke
  • Po-Huang Chyou
  • Franklin M. Din
  • Steven J. Schrodi
Part of the Health Informatics book series (HI, volume 3)


Dental health insurance coverage in the United States is either nonexistent (Medicare and the uninsured), spotty (Medicaid) and limited (most employer-based private benefit plans). Perhaps as a result, dental health in the United States is not good. What public policy makers may not appreciate is that this may well be impacting medical care costs in a way that improved dental benefits would produce a substantial return to investment in expanded dental insurance coverage.


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