Enhancing Incremental Feature Subset Selection in High-Dimensional Databases by Adding a Backward Step

  • Pablo BermejoEmail author
  • Luis de La Ossa
  • Jose A. GamezEmail author
  • Jose M. PuertaEmail author
Conference paper


Feature subset selection has become an expensive process due to the relatively recent appearance of high-dimensional databases. Thus, the need has arisen not only for reducing the dimensionality of these datasets, but also for doing it in an efficient way. We propose the design of a new backward search which performs better than other state-of-the-art algorithms in terms of size of the selected subsets and in the number of evaluations, by removing attributes given a smart decremental approach and, besides, it is guided using a heuristic which reduces the needed number of evaluations commonly expected from a backward search.



This work has been partially supported by the JCCM under project PCI08-0048-8577 and CICYT under project TIN2010-20900-C04-03.


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  1. 1.Castilla-La Mancha UniversityAlbaceteSpain

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