SAFECOMP ’93 pp 157-168

Dependability: from Concepts to Limits

  • Jean-Claude Laprie
Conference paper

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4471-2061-2_18

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Laprie JC. (1993) Dependability: from Concepts to Limits. In: Górski J. (eds) SAFECOMP ’93. Springer, London


Our society is faced with an ever increasing dependence on computing systems, which lead to question ourselves about the limits of their dependability. In order to respond this question, a global conceptual and terminological framework is needed, which is first given. The analysis of the limits in dependability which is then conducted identifies design faults as the major limiting factor, a consequence of which is the concluding recommendation of applying a fault tolerance approach to the improvement of the production process.


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  • Jean-Claude Laprie
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  1. 1.LAAS-CNRSToulouseFrance

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