Systems Applications for All-Optical Semiconductor Switching Devices

  • W. Pieper
  • E. Jahn
  • M. Eiselt
  • R. Ludwig
  • R. Schnabel
  • A. Ehrhardt
  • H. J. Ehrke
  • H. G. Weber


The authors report on all-optical switching devices based on semiconductor laser amplifiers (SLA) in applications for optical time division multiplexing. These applications include demultiplexer, add/drop multiplexer and clock recovery. The nonlinear processes in the SLA used for switching are four-wave mixing and cross-phase modulation. Particular attention is paid to recently developed monolithically integrated interferometric switching devices.


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  • E. Jahn
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  • M. Eiselt
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  • R. Ludwig
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  • R. Schnabel
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  • A. Ehrhardt
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  • H. J. Ehrke
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  • H. G. Weber
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