Change Management for Fractal Enterprises

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DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-9790-6_59

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Strazdina R., Kirikova M. (2011) Change Management for Fractal Enterprises. In: Pokorny J. et al. (eds) Information Systems Development. Springer, New York, NY


Change management is an important process enabling the definition of a successful enterprise strategy and operations—especially in a turbulent environment. A number of methodologies are available for change management; however none of those is designed specifically for fractal systems. Taking into consideration self-similarity; self-organization, goal-orientation, and dynamics and vitality of fractal systems, change management in such systems obviously requires organizational procedures that take account of the distinct properties of fractal systems. The purpose of this research is to define a change management methodology that would allow administering change management in fractal systems in general and apply it to a specific change situation when the primary object of the change is an information system of a fractal enterprise.

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