SLA-aware Resource Management

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The management of infrastructure resources in a large-scale environment such as Grid Computing is a challenging task and places significant demands on resource discovery, scheduling and the underlying communication channels. The fulfillment of the business goals and service quality in such an environment requires an infrastructure to cope with changes in demand and infrastructure performance. In this paper, we propose an abstract service-oriented framework for SLA-aware dynamic resource management. The framework provides selfmanaging, self-configuration and self-healing strategies in order to support autonomic and ambient service management. We study an SLA negotiation process at the infrastructure resource layer, live migration for resource re-provisioning, a multi-layer architecture framework to monitor infrastructure resources and a harmonized interface to access arbitrary sources of infrastructure resources based on SLA requirements. Resource usage will be optimized according to the provider policies and SLA requirements.


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  1. 1.Belfast e-Science CentreThe Queen’s University of Belfast UK
  2. 2.Intel Innovation Centre, Intel Ireland Limited (Branch)LeixlipIreland
  3. 3.XLAB d.o.o., Pot za Brdom 100Ljubljana, SloveniaEU

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