The HERMES Project: Reconstructing Galaxy Formation

  • Kenneth C. Freeman
Conference paper


HERMES is a new high-resolution multi-object spectrometer on the Anglo Australian Telescope. The primary science driver for HERMES is Galactic archaeology. We are planning a spectroscopic survey of about a million stars, aimed at using chemical tagging techniques to reconstruct the star-forming aggregates that built up the disk and halo of the Galaxy. This project will benefit greatly from the stellar distances and transverse motions from the Gaia mission. We expect that HERMES will also be used for a wide range of other stellar and interstellar projects


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The ideas described in this chapter have been developed in collaboration with Joss Bland-Hawthorn.We acknowledge support from ARC grant DP0988751. The HERMES spectrometer concept was developed by the AAO technical group, led by Sam Barden.


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