Microwave Effect on Clay Pillaring



Pillared clays may be prepared in presence of microwave irradiation as it has been extensively used in organic chemistry syntheses. Preparation time of the conventional intercalating solution takes about 2 days, but only 15 min when the preparation mixture is microwave-irradiated. The amount of water required to disperse and to dilute the pillar precursor salts is also significantly reduced. In this work, the properties of the pillared clays prepared in presence of microwave irradiation are compared to those prepared by the conventional way. Their performance as catalysts or as adsorbents is discussed.


Clays Montmorillonite Pillars Microwave irradiation Microporous Ion exchange Adsorption Catalysis Aluminosilicate 



This work was developed in the frame of a sabbatical visit of G. Fetter to the Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, UNAM. The financial support of CONACYT is gratefully recognized.


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