Cross-Media Color Reproduction and Display Characterization

  • Jean-Baptiste ThomasEmail author
  • Jon Y. Hardeberg
  • Alain Trémeau


In this chapter, we present the problem of cross-media color reproduction, that is, how to achieve consistent reproduction of images in different media with different technologies. Of particular relevance for the color image processing community is displays, whose color properties have not been extensively covered in previous literature. Therefore, we go more in depth concerning how to model displays in order to achieve colorimetric consistency.

The structure of this chapter is as follows: After a short introduction, we introduce the field of cross-media color reproduction, including a brief description of current standards for color management, the concept of colorimetric characterization of imaging devices, and color gamut mapping. Then, we focus on state of the art and recent research in the colorimetric characterization of displays. We continue by considering methods for inverting display characterization models; this is an essential step in cross-media color reproduction, before discussing briefly quality factors, based on colorimetric indicators. Finally, we draw some conclusions and outline some directions for further research.


Color management Cross-media color reproduction Colorimetric device characterization Gamut mapping Displays Inverse model 


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