A Salutogenic Approach to Tackling Health Inequalities



The understanding of any societal health discourse is a complex question involving history, macro-politics, socioeconomic development, culture and traditions of both individual nations and continents as a whole. Interdisciplinary research has a history over the past century involving most social sciences and especially educational sciences supported by many scientists, intellectuals and organisations. This chapter reviews the two themes that have evolved from the new theories on health and life management. First, the salutogenic approach which claims health is open ended and dependent on the skills to organise the resources available in society, the social context and self. This capability has been named the sense of coherence. Second, the theme of resilience claiming there are certain patterns of interaction between the individual and his social context that develop hardiness against stress and the ill-health that could follow.


African tribes Post-modern (society) Ottawa charter WHO healthy city project Learning Sense of coherence Quality of Life 

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