Processing Light in Reconfigurable Directly Coupled Ring Resonators

  • Andrea MelloniEmail author
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In this chapter, directly coupled ring resonator filters are considered. The state of the art achieved in glass and silicon technology is analyzed in detail, the discussion leading to the ring-size issue and to technological aspects. Advantages and disadvantages are pointed out. Key aspects related to structural disorder are then considered and developed. The impact of fabrication tolerances on the spectral characteristics and on the back-reflection is considered with great attention devoted to the effect of waveguide sidewall roughness enhanced by the ring resonance. The last section concentrates on the use of coupled ring resonator structures as delay lines and experimental results are discussed. In particular, a differential delay line for bit synchronization in DQPSK systems is presented. The chapter ends with an Appendix where the characteristic impedances of dielectric waveguides and coupled ring resonator waveguides are defined and calculated. It is shown that they are equal to the effective index and the group index, respectively.


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