The VMT Vision

  • Gerry Stahl
Part of the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series book series (CULS, volume 11)


The aim of the Virtual Math Teams (VMT) Project is to catalyze and nurture networks of people discussing mathematics online. It does this by providing chat rooms for small groups of K-12 students and others to meet on the Web to communicate about math. The vision is that people from all over the world will be able to converse with others at their convenience about mathematical topics of common interest and that they will gradually form a virtual community of math discourse. For individuals who would enjoy doing math with other people but who do not have physical access to others who share this interest, the VMT service provides online, distant partners. For societies concerned about the low level of math understanding in the general population, the VMT service offers a way to increase engagement in math discourse. The VMT Project was funded in Fall 2003 by the US National Science Foundation. A collaboration of researchers at Drexel University and The Math Forum, the project is designing, deploying and studying a new online service at the Math Forum.


Knowledge building social practices group cognition math education 

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