Mathematics Education and Technology-Rethinking the Terrain

Volume 13 of the series New ICMI Study Series pp 463-475


The Future of Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Digital Technologies

  • Michèle ArtigueAffiliated withUniversité Paris Diderot

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In this text, directly inspired by my closing lecture at the ICMI Study Conference in Hanoi, I use first my personal experience for analyzing the evolution of relationship with digital technologies in mathematics education along the last two decades, and for situating the reflection about the future into an historical dynamics. Then, I focus on some dimensions that I consider crucial for thinking the future of teaching and learning with digital technologies: the theoretical, teacher, curricular, design, equity and access dimensions. These have been extensively addressed during the ICMI Study Conference and I use the perception I have of its outcomes for thinking about the challenges we have to face, and about what we can do in order to make digital technologies better serve the cause of mathematics education.


Theories Teacher Curriculum Design Equity