Working with the File and Operating System

  • Frank M. Kromann


These days it’s rare to write an application that is entirely self-sufficient—that is, one that does not rely on at least some level of interaction with external resources, such as the underlying file and operating system or even other programming languages. The reason for this is simple: as languages, file systems, and operating systems mature, the opportunities for creating much more efficient, scalable, and timely applications increase greatly as a result of the developer’s ability to integrate the most powerful features of each technology into a singular product. Of course, the trick is to choose a language that offers a convenient and efficient means for doing so. Fortunately, PHP satisfies both conditions quite nicely, offering the programmer a wonderful array of tools not only for handling file system input and output, but also for executing programs at the shell level. This chapter serves as an introduction to these features, including the following topics:

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