Management of Invasive Weeds

Volume 5 of the series Invading Nature – Springer Series In Invasion Ecology pp 279-286

Management of Phalaris minor, an Exotic Weed of Cropland

  • InderjitAffiliated with
  • , Shalini KaushikAffiliated withCentre for Environmental Management of Degraded Ecosystems (CEMDE), University of Delhi

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Phalaris minor is a troublesome nonnative weed, particularly in wheat fields of northwestern India. In spite of protracted efforts to manage this weed with herbicides, it is still a significant challenge. Here, we discuss some agroecological practices that could influence establishment and survival of P. minor. Although this chapter deals with a specific example in purely agricultural settings, it illustrates the magnitude of the problem created by a nonnative weed of cropland. This weed is largely restricted to wheat fields. Future research should include examination of the ecological factors for the restricted distribution of P. minor in wheat fields.


Phalaris minor Isoproturon Allelopathy Rice straw Sulfosulfuron