Regular Algorithms for the Few-Body Problem

  • Seppo Mikkola
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 760)

encounters of just two bodies. Most classical numerical integration methods lose precision for such situations due to the 1/r2 singularity of the mutual force of the two bodies. In a close encounter the relative motion of the participating bodies is so fast that, for a brief moment, the rest of the system can be considered frozen. Consequently, the most important feature of a regularizing algorithm must be that it can handle reliably the perturbed two-body problem. There are two basically different types of methods available: Coordinate and time transformations and algorithms that produce regular results without coordinate transformation.


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  • Seppo Mikkola
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  1. 1.Tuorla ObservatoryUniversity of TurkuFinland

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