Chapter 7

Part of the Language Policy book series (LAPO, volume 8)

The Islanders – A Longitudinal Study

One of the principal aims of this case study has been to demonstrate the essential link in language policy on Corsica that exists between the three agencies identified in this book’s title. Thus far, we have evaluated the language management upon which the State embarked from the time of the island’s inclusion into France in 1768. We have also analysed the projects, efforts and tactics of the grouping that has been referred to collectively as ‘the language activists’. Over the course of the centuries covered in this book, we have identified the language activists as they have emerged as such – individuals, groups and associations committed to the cause of the Corsican language. These language activists have had various aims and priorities over the past hundred years and have worked under wildly differing circumstances and in different contexts. Where appropriate, the symbiotic relationship between the State and the activists has been highlighted and, with increasing frequency, it has been demonstrated that, in addition to extra-linguistic factors (often stimulated by political or social occurrences not related to language issues), language activists have influenced the State to draft language management favourable to the heritage language on the island.


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