Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in women across the globe. In the US, because of Pap test prevention, the number of women who die from cervical cancer has been drastically reduced. This is the best proof that prevention is exceedingly important to fight cervical cancer.

A strong emphasis in this monograph is given to cervical cancer screening in order to educate women in this proven benefit that dramatically decreased cervical cancer mortality and morbidity in the countries where it is available. Women will learn all that is necessary about screening procedure, pre-cancerous lesions, and interpretation of Pap test. Since some women will still be diagnosed with cervical cancer, two sections are dedicated to current concepts for diagnosis, therapy and the prognosis of women when receive therapy.

Instead of fear and avoidance of the Pap test, women can understand the result and ask educated questions. Instead of panicking, those who have cervical cancer will learn how to help themselves by actively participating in their own diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


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