Visualization of Quantized Vortex Dynamics

  • Gregory P. Bewley
  • Matthew S. Paoletti
  • Daniel P. Lathrop
  • Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
Part of the IUTAM Bookseries book series (IUTAMBOOK, volume 4)


We discuss an experimental technique developed to visualize quantized vortices in helium II. We illuminate micron-sized solid particles of hydrogen suspended in the fluid, and mark quantized vortex cores within the volume observed by a camera. While, under some circumstances, the particles modify vortex dynamics by the action of viscous drag and by pinning vortex intersections, we do capture basic vortex dynamics such as vortex ring decay, vortex reconnection, and superfluid turbulence.


turbulence quantized turbulence superfluid helium vortex dynamics and visualization 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Gregory P. Bewley
    • 1
  • Matthew S. Paoletti
    • 1
  • Daniel P. Lathrop
    • 1
  • Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
    • 1
    • 2
  1. 1.University of MarylandCollege Park
  2. 2.International Center for Theoretical PhysicsTriesteItaly

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