Impact of neutron star oscillations on the accelerating electric field in the polar cap of pulsar

  • A. N. TimokhinEmail author
Conference paper


Pulsar “standard model”, that considers a pulsar as a rotating magnetized conducting sphere surrounded by plasma, is generalized to the case of oscillating star. We developed an algorithm for calculation of the Goldreich-Julian charge density for this case. We consider distortion of the accelerating zone in the polar cap of pulsar by neutron star oscillations. It is shown that for oscillation modes with high harmonic numbers (l,m) changes in the Goldreich-Julian charge density caused by pulsations of neutron star could lead to significant altering of an accelerating electric field in the polar cap of pulsar. In the moderately optimistic scenario, that assumes excitation of the neutron star oscillations by glitches, it could be possible to detect altering of the pulsar radioemission due to modulation of the accelerating field.


Stars: neutron, oscillations, magnetic fields Pulsars: general 


97.60.Jd 97.60.Gb 


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  1. 1.Sternberg Astronomical InstituteMoscowRussia

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