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Early Recollections of Tennyson

  • Jane Brookfield
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As one of the few surviving friends of his earlier days, I can still remember him in the splendour of his youth and in the dawn of his great reputation. During the many years that have gone by since that time, I can gratefully recall his unvarying friendship towards me and mine. Many months, and sometimes even years, might pass without our meeting, but whenever we were within easy reach again, there was never any change in Alfred Tennyson’s kindly welcome to my husband and myself. He took up the thread of former days, and even sometimes of former conversations, exactly as if we had continued to see each other without any break at all; and in the peace and restfulness of his most happy home, those who were dearest to him were equally faithful in their goodness and consideration towards all for whom he cared. He was consistently loyal towards those whom he had once accepted as his friends.


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