Borderlands of State Power: The Nationalists and the Frontier Question

  • James Leibold


In the PRC historians generally depict the Guomindang’s national minority policy in starkly negative terms. They contend that Chiang Kai-shek’s central government denied the very existence of minority nationalities and attempted by force to assimilate all ethnic diversity into a single Chinese race/nation. This “fascist” or “chauvinistic” approach is frequently contrasted with Sun Yat-sen’s policy of minority self-determination and self-rule, which was said to be formulated during the last years of his life and implemented under the rule of the CCP A recent textbook published by the Central Party School of the CCP, for example, described Guomindang policy as one of “discrimination, oppression, and assimilation” and contended that it represented a complete reversal of Sun Yat-sen’s principle of minzuzhuyi.1


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